Where is Five Island Bay Located?
2 miles north of Emmetsburg from Casey's.  Turn North at Casey's General Store onto Lawler Street. until you get to 350th Street.  Turn east onto 350th St. for one mile.  The lake lots will be marked by signs.


What is the general layout?
Five Island Bay consists of 21 total properties;  15 lakeside lots and 6 backlots, with one out-lot reserved for community access to Five Island Lake. The development slopes generally up from the water with the backlots staggered from the lakeside properties,so that each property has a view of Five Island Lake.


What are the amenities of the area?
The greatest amenity for residents of Five Island Bay is Five Island Lake. At five miles long and almost 1,000 acres the lake is perfect for both summer and winter recreational activities. The city of Emmetsburg has many amenities including excellent public and catholic primary schools, an independent movie theater, multiple restaurants, businesses and shopping opportunities and Wild Rose Casino at its eastern end. For amenities and utility options specifically related to Five Island Bay pleae contact developers Bruce Nelson or Jeff Stillman.


What rules/covenants apply to Five Island Bay?
Five Island Bay places multiple covenants for lakeside setback, sizes of homes and outbuildings and other community standards. Property owners will also be part of a community association to eventually take over responsibility for maintenance and management of the development. A partial list of these covenants is available below. For specific information on the association or Five Island Bay covenants contact developers Bruce Nelson & Jeff Stillman


How do I arrange a visit?
As local farmers Jeff & Bruce do much of their work within 10 to 15 miles of Five Island Bay. Weather conditions and seasonal work may dictate their availability, but if you contact them Jeff & Bruce will make every attempt to accommodate visitors and provide any information requested about Five Island Bay.


What does a typical well costs to have drilled and a septic system put in?

  • A single well pump that can supply one home costs approximately $7,500 at a depth of 100 feet and $11,500 at a depth of 250 feet.
  • A single well pump that can supply up to four homes costs approximately $9,500 or $2,375 per home at a depth of 100 feet and $13,500 or $3,375 per home at a depth of 250 feet.
  • A typical septic system would cost any where from $6,500 to $7,500 depending the size of home.


Five Island Bay Covenants
This section includes a brief synopsis of the major covenants which apply to properties at Five Island Bay. Further covenants and standards do however apply. For a detailed description of all covenants please contact Jeff or Bruce.

---Minimum square footage for a home is 1,400 square feet

---Homes must have at least 25% brick, stone, natural wood or stucco on the side facing the road.

---Campers will be permitted for the first five years after purchase of the property and must be removed after that period. Mobile homes are not permitted.

---Outbuildings are permitted on lots 1-6, and 16-21. Further rules on outbuildings also apply

---CyHawk Drive, the road serving Five Island Bay, will be privately owned and maintained until four homes are built on the development. At that time ownership and maintenance will be transferred to Palo Alto County.

---Electricity, phone, cable and internet service are available at each lot. Wells and septic systems are the responsibility of individual property owners, but can be shared between a limited number of homes at the agreement of each property owner.